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cheap cebu bohol tour package

Cheap Cebu Bohol Tour Package Best Price

Cheap Cebu Bohol Tour Package : A Journey Through Paradise

Cheap Cebu Bohol Tour Package Best Price  : The Philippines is a state recognized for its stunning landscapes, pristine seashores, and colourful lifestyle. Among the myriad stunning islands in the archipelago, Cebu and Bohol stand out as two tremendous destinations that offer travellers an excellent combination of herbal splendour, rich history, and warm hospitality. In this article, Voy Trips will take you on an adventure via those paradisiacal islands and introduce you to a “cheap Cebu Bohol excursion package deal” that promises unforgettable enjoyment.

cheap cebu bohol tour package

Cebu: The Queen City of the South

Cebu is a bustling island positioned within the Central Visayas location of the Philippines. Often called the “Queen City of the South,” Cebu is the second most populous province in the US, and it is well-known for its historical importance and herbal wonders.

  • Cebu City Your adventure starts off in Cebu City, the capital of Cebu Province. The metropolis boasts a wealthy history, with landmarks like Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, and the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. The bustling city is a melting pot of cultures and gives a colourful culinary scene, with delicious neighbourhood dishes like lechon and dried mangoes.
  • Beaches and Islands: Cebu is surrounded by stunning beaches and picturesque islands. Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, and Moalboal are among the top spots for beach lovers and divers. The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life make Cebu a paradise for underwater enthusiasts.
  • Nature and Adventure: For adventure seekers, Cebu offers exciting opportunities like canyoneering in Badian, hiking to Osmena Peak, and swimming with gentle giants in Oslob, where you can encounter whale sharks up close.

cheap cebu bohol tour package


Bohol: Nature’s Playground

A short ferry ride from Cebu will take you to Bohol, a province known for its unique geological formations, lush forests, and adorable tarsiers.

  1. Chocolate Hills: Perhaps the most iconic attraction in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. These cone-shaped hills turn brown during the dry season, resembling a giant box of chocolate kisses. There’s no better place to capture the beauty of nature in its purest form.
  2. Sanctuary: Bohol is also home to the adorable Philippine tarsier. You can visit the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, where these tiny, wide-eyed primates can be observed in their natural habitat.
  3. Loboc River Cruise: A serene journey along the Loboc River offers a glimpse into the heart of Bohol’s culture and nature. Enjoy a buffet lunch while cruising through the lush jungle, and even witness traditional Filipino music and dance performances.
  4. Adventure Activities: If you crave adventure, Bohol has you covered. From zip-lining at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park to paddleboarding on the tranquil waters of Anda Beach, there’s an array of activities to choose from.

cheap cebu bohol tour package

The “Cheap Cebu Bohol Tour Package”

Now, permit’s communicate approximately the “cheap Cebu Bohol tour package” that will make your ride to those incredible destinations even more reachable. This price range-pleasant tour package deal is designed for travellers who need to make the most of their go-to to Cebu and Bohol without breaking the bank. Here’s what you could assume from this bundle

  • Accommodation: Your stay in Cebu and Bohol will include comfortable and well-located accommodations. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the local culture and hospitality without overspending.
  • Transportation: The package covers transportation from Cebu City to Bohol and back. You won’t have to worry about arranging ferry rides or domestic flights – it’s all taken care of.
  • Sightseeing Tours: Enjoy guided tours of key attractions in both Cebu and Bohol. Learn about the history, culture, and natural wonders of these islands from knowledgeable local guides.

cheap cebu bohol tour package

Filipino cuisine, from sparkling seafood to tropical culmination.

Optional Activities : The package deal gives numerous non-compulsory sports, from snorkelling in crystal-clean waters to exploring hidden waterfalls and caves. You can personalise your itinerary primarily based on your pastimes.

Affordable Price : While the package deal is designed to be budget-pleasant, it would not compromise on first-rate. You’ll have a wonderful experience even as you keep your prices in check.

To book this “cheap Cebu Bohol tour package,” you can contact reputable travel agencies, visit their websites, or use online travel platforms. Remember to check the package details, availability, and any additional terms and conditions, as they may vary among different providers.

Itinerary: cheap cebu bohol tour package

  • Pickup Point: Cebu City (Airport or Seaport)
  • Tour Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Notable Spots in Cebu City:

  • Lapu Lapu Shrine
  • Alegre Guitar Factory
  • Fort San Pedro
  • Magellan’s Cross
  • Basilica del Santo Niño
  • Heritage Monument
  • Casa Gorordo
  • Taoist Temple
  • Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

Bohol Countryside Tour: Embracing Natural Wonders

On the Bohol Countryside Tour, embark on a journey through the picturesque landscapes of Bohol. From historical sites to natural wonders, this tour will leave you in awe of Bohol’s beauty. Feel the serenity of the countryside and explore unique attractions.

Itinerary: cheap cebu bohol tour package

  • Pickup Point: Tagbilaran
  • Tour Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Notable Spots in Bohol:

  • Blood Compact Site
  • Baclayon Church
  • Python View
  • Loboc Floating Restaurant (optional)
  • Tarsier Sanctuary
  • Man Made Forest
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Souvenir Shop
  • ATV Guided Tour (optional)

Package Inclusions: cheap cebu bohol tour package

Our Cebu – Bohol Tour Package is carefully curated to provide you with an exceptional experience. It includes:

  • Round Trip ferry tickets via Ocean Jet (tourist class)
  • Air-conditioned transportation, inclusive of fuel and a knowledgeable tour driver
  • Entrance fees and permit fees

Note: Lunch fees are not included in the package.

Local Rates: cheap cebu bohol tour package

Our tour package is priced affordably to suit a range of group sizes. Please note that rates are subject to change without prior notice.

  • 2 pax: PHP 4,240 per person
  • 3 pax: PHP 3,570 per person
  • 4 pax: PHP 3,150 per person
  • 5 pax: PHP 3,020 per person
  • 6 pax: PHP 2,850 per person
  • 7 pax: PHP 2,750 per person
  • 8 pax: PHP 2,650 per person
  • 9 pax: PHP 2,600 per person
  • 10 pax: PHP 2,550 per person
  • 11 pax: PHP 2,500 per person
  • 12 pax: PHP 2,450 per person
  • 13 pax: PHP 2,350 per person
  • 14 pax: PHP 2,200 per person

Please Note: The above rates are applicable to local tourists. Foreign visitors are kindly requested to add an additional PHP 100 per person, as per Cebu policy.

At Wow Bohol Tours, we are dedicated to providing you with a memorable and budget-friendly experience. Join us for the Cebu – Bohol Tour and embark on a remarkable journey through the Philippines’ vibrant history and breathtaking landscapes. Discover the wonders of Cebu and Bohol with us today!

In conclusion, 

Cebu and Bohol are two enchanting destinations in the Philippines, offering a perfect blend of culture, history, nature, and adventure. With a “cheap Cebu Bohol tour package,” you can embark on a memorable journey through these tropical paradises without straining your budget.