36 Hours In Glasgow | Place To Visit | Things To Do | Activites

36 Hours in Glasgow

36 Hours In Glasgow | Place To Visit | Things To Do | Activites

36 Hours in Glasgow

36 Hours In Glasgow, Scotland’s most significant metropolis, is colorful and diverse. It’s an area filled with exhibitions, plant sales, and movie screenings in uncommon places like condominium homes, vintage train stations, and deserted structures. Glasgow became a metropolis of the British Empire, but had to reimagine itself after shipyards closed. Now, new cultural hubs have emerged within the city’s outlying neighborhoods, including the Southside and Dennistoun. Plans are in motion to revitalize the city center. Glasgow offers a diverse culinary scene beyond the famous deep-fried Mars bars from local fish and chip shops, and it is a town that loves to stay in tune with classic venues such as the Barrowland Ballroom. Also, be prepared for Glasgow’s ever-changing rain – ensure you have waterproof gear to stay dry.

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Places To Visit In 36 Hours In Glasgow

36 Hours In Glasgow

Moray Place: In the Southside’s Strathbungo area, Moray Place is an excellent spot to appreciate Alexander Thomson’s architectural style, one of Glasgow’s most renowned architects.

Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis: These two landmarks, located close to each other, showcase stunning Gothic architecture and offer fantastic views of the city.

The Tenement House: This former private tenement apartment, now open to the public, serves as a captivating museum preserving a slice of history.

The Kelvin Walkway: Take a stroll along this unmanicured path that leads you to the riverside and provides a quiet way to explore the city.

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Restaurants And Bar In Glasgow

Restaurants In Glasgow

  1. La Gelatessa: This charming gelato parlor is known for its delicious seasonal flavors.
  2. The Real Wan: A neighborhood gem that excels at Chinese street food.
  3. Papercup: A café known for its excellent coffee and creative all-day breakfast menu.
  4. Brett: A restaurant that specializes in grilled Scottish produce and natural wines.
  5. Celentano’s: A cozy restaurant serving classy Italian fare and standout cocktails.
  6. The Pot Still: A pub specializing in whiskies, suitable for a wee dram.
  7. Two Eight Seven: A famous modern bakery that also showcases work by local ceramicists and artists.
  8. Crabshakk: A seafood haven offering the freshest catches, lobster, oysters, and more.
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Shopping In 36 Hours In Glasgow

36 Hours In Glasgow

Burrell Collection Shop: Find Scottish-themed art trinkets and prints.

Hoos: A store offering Scandinavia-influenced home goods and a branch dedicated to plants and gardening accessories.

The Glasgow Vintage Co.: An excellent place for vintage wool sweaters and 1970s fashion finds.

Kelvin Apothecary: Shop for handmade Scottish soaps and gifts.

Voltaire and Rousseau: A delightful second-hand bookstore with stacks of old books.

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Where to stay In Glasgow?

36 Hours In Glasgow

Kimpton Blythswood Square: A five-star luxury hotel with a spa located in a central yet secluded location.

Cathedral House: A comfortable and cozy option with the added benefit of Celentano’s restaurant downstairs.

Motel One: A budget-friendly hotel offering simple, clean rooms right in the city center.

For short-term rentals, explore the Southside, Dennistoun, Partick, Finnieston, and Hyndland neighborhoods, where you’ll find plenty of options. For a historic cottage experience, consider Holmwood Coach House on the city’s southern edges, the former stables of the historic Holmwood House (now a museum).

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Getting around 36 Hours In Glasgow

36 Hours In Glasgow

36 Hours In Glasgow public transportation system, while not intuitive, covers the city. The Glasgow Subway mainly serves the area north of the river, and bus routes to the south, north, and west can be cumbersome. For convenient transportation, consider Uber, Glasgow Taxis, or GlasGO Cabs, especially for pre-bookings. Ovo, the bike-share service, is a more cost-effective alternative and requires users to sign in via an app.

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Itinerary Of 36 Hours In Glasgow Tour

36 Hours In Glasgow

Day 1 : Friday Day Trip

9 a.m. – Burrell Collection: Start your weekend with a visit to this art museum housed in a stunning glass-roofed building.

4:30 p.m.Pollok Park and La Gelatessa: Explore Pollok Park on the Southside and enjoy zingy gelato at La Gelatessa.

7:30 p.m. – The Real Wan: Delight in smoky and spicy Chinese cooking at The Real Wan.

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Day 2: Saturday Day Trip

10 a.m. – Glasgow’s West End: If it’s a clear day, have breakfast at Papercup and explore the beautiful Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Noon – Shopping: Discover unique shops like Hoos, The Glasgow Vintage Co., Kelvin Apothecary, and Voltaire and Rousseau.

1 p.m. – Brett: Enjoy a lunch of natural wine and grilled Scottish produce at Brett.

3 p.m. – Hunterian Museum: Explore medicine’s history and medical curiosities at the Hunterian Museum.

7 p.m. – Celentano’s: Have a delightful Italian dinner at Celentano’s with a view of Glasgow Cathedral.

10 p.m. – The Pot Still: Conclude your day with a fine dram at The Pot Still pub.

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Day 3: Sunday Day Trip

9:30 a.m. – Queen’s Park: Enjoy a breakfast picnic at Queen’s Park and savor local baked goods from nearby bakeries.

11 a.m. – The Tenement House: Step inside The Tenement House, a museum offering a glimpse into Glasgow’s past.

Noon – Crabshakk: End your weekend with a seafood feast at Crabshakk in the bustling Finnieston neighborhood.

With this itinerary, you’ll experience the highlights of 36 Hours In Glasgow, from its cultural attractions and shopping to its diverse culinary scene and historic sites. Enjoy your weekend in this captivating city!”

Best Time to Visit Glasgow

36 Hours In Glasgow

When planning a ride to Glasgow, deciding on the right time to visit is essential to make the most of your enjoyment of this colorful Scottish metropolis. Glasgow has a unique ambiance throughout the 12 months. However, the best time to discover it depends on your options and interests. In this guide, we’ll break down the distinctive seasons and events to help you determine the best time to visit Glasgow.

Understanding Glasgow’s climate

Before delving into each season, let’s understand Glasgow’s climate. The city experiences temperate maritime weather, which means that the weather is distinctly moderate and stable all through the year. However, it is essential to be prepared for rain at any time, as Glasgow is known for its occasional drizzles.

Springtime in Glasgow

Spring, from March to May, is a lovely time to visit Glasgow. The town returns to normal as plants bloom and the temperature rises. Parks and gardens, including the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and Kelvingrove Park, are inviting spots for picnics and leisurely walks. Plus, spring is a great time for sightseeing, as the sights are less crowded.

Summer Escapade

36 Hours in Glasgow

For those who love the heat climate and outdoor activities, summer (June to August) is the ideal time to visit Glasgow. During this period, you could enjoy long sunlight hours, perfect for exploring museums, galleries, and the beautiful architecture of the city. Take advantage of activities like the West End Festival and the Glasgow Mela, which give a taste of the city’s wealthy lifestyle.

Autumn’s charm

Autumn, from September to November, showcases Glasgow’s different side. The city’s parks transform into a sea of red and gold, creating a stunning backdrop for your visit. This season also marks the beginning of Glasgow’s arts and cultural events, with festivals like the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and Doors Open Days.

Winter Wonderland

Glasgow has a magical quality during the winter months (December to February). The city’s festive decorations and Christmas markets make it a popular destination for holiday enthusiasts. From ice skating in George Square to shopping on Buchanan Street, Glasgow offers winter activities.

Special Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Glasgow hosts numerous activities and festivals that may affect your tour plans. Be sure to check the metropolis’ event calendar for unique events like the Celtic Connections music festival and the Glasgow Film Festival. These occasions can add a sense of pleasure to your journey.

Off-peak travel benefits

Maui Is Open For Tourism

Traveling during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) or off-peak winter months has its perks. You’ll find better hotel deals, fewer crowds at popular attractions, and more affordable flights. Plus, you’ll enjoy Glasgow’s beauty without the hustle and bustle.

Accommodation in Glasgow

Glasgow offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit all budgets. Whether you prefer luxury accommodations, cozy B&Bs, or budget-friendly hostels, you will find suitable alternatives at some point in the metropolis. Booking your stay ahead of time is beneficial, especially if you plan to travel during peak vacation seasons.

Exploring Glasgow’s Attractions

While in Glasgow, explore iconic points of interest, including the Glasgow Cathedral, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and the Riverside Museum. These spots offer a glimpse into the city’s wealthy history and lifestyle. Additionally, stroll across the center of the city to see the Victorian and modern architecture.

Local cuisine

Don’t forget to try the local cuisine during your visit. Glasgow is known for its delectable dishes, including haggis, neeps and tatties, and Scotch pies. Be sure to try traditional Scottish fare in local restaurants and pubs for an authentic taste of the area.

Budget-friendly travel tips

  • To make the most of your visit, here are some budget-friendly travel tips for Glasgow:
  • Use public transportation to get around the city.
  • Take advantage of the free attractions and museums.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities and parks.
  • Look for local food markets for affordable dining options.
  • Consider city passes for discounted access to multiple attractions.
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