Top 10 Reasons the New Mercedes-AMG C63 Will Blow Your Mind 

29th Feb BY James Smith

The new C63 offers a unique blend of mind-blowing performance, everyday usability, and technological sophistication.

While the base price starts under $100K (estimated), adding options can quickly inflate the cost. 

The C63 S model gets even more power, exclusive features, and a higher price tag. 

The interior boasts a blend of cutting-edge technology, high-end materials, and sport-focused design. 

Selectable driving modes allow customization from comfortable cruiser to hard-edged track weapon. 

Standard rear-wheel steering dramatically improves agility and high-speed stability. 

The hybrid system uses electric assist derived from Formula 1 technology to virtually eliminate turbo lag. 

Combined power output is 671 horsepower and 752 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful four-cylinder production engine. 

The iconic AMG V8 engine is replaced by a high-performance 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid system 

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