TOP 10 Interesting Facts About SeaWorld San Diego

By - Voy Trips

Black zinc oxide

Orcas at SeaWorld San Diego spend most of their time floating listlessly in their tanks. To prevent sunburn, trainers apply black zinc oxide to their skin .


Five orcas currently at SeaWorld San Diego were kidnapped from their ocean homes and taken into captivity.

Obie the walrus

A blind walrus named Obie spent his life trapped in a cramped tank at SeaWorld San Diego. He appeared to suffer from deep psychological distress, as he would press his mouth against the tank’s glass and repeatedly regurgitate and re-swallow his food.


In 1965, the first-ever orca show at SeaWorld was performed by a female orca named Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego. During Shamu’s capture, her mother was shot with a harpoon and killed before the young orca’s very eyes by a marine “cowboy” named Ted Griffin .


SeaWorld San Diego is a theme park, aquarium, and zoo located in California, USA. Here are some interesting facts about it


SeaWorld San Diego was founded on March 21, 1964, by four graduates of the University of California, Los Angeles


The park is spread over 189 acres and has both indoor and outdoor aquatic exhibits.

Animal rescue

The park’s shared waters of Mission Bay connect directly to the Pacific Ocean, which enables the rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-releasing of injured, orphaned, or stranded marine animals


SeaWorld San Diego offers exciting rides, up-close animal encounters, and more.

Summer Spectacular

The park hosts a Summer Spectacular festival that includes concerts, fireworks, a new parade, and a stunt show on the water that pits pirates vs. mermaids .

Total Worth

Seaworld  net income for the fiscal year 2023 was a record $256.5 million