Top 10 Hidden Places To Visit In Himachal

8th March By Voy Trips

1. Janjehli

A peaceful, unspoiled valley perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a break from crowds 

3. Jibhi

Best picturesque area with a number of waterfalls, forests, and a laid-returned vibe.  

4. Prini

This beautiful village is located near Manali, basically known for its apple orchards and traditional wooden houses.  

5. Charang Ghati Pass

A challenging but most amazing high altitude scenic surrounding offers breathtaking feelings  

6. Churah Valley

Known for its rugged splendor, various landscapes, and less-explored hiking trails  

7. Kalpa

A beautiful town in Kinnaur district with apple orchards and views of the majestic Kinner Kailash peak.  

8. Sangla

Located near the Baspa Valley, Here, you can enjoy the mountain's breathtaking views near Baspa river.  

 9. Barot

Home to a trout breeding centre, thick deodar forests, and the Uhl River – quality for angling lovers and nature enthusiasts.  

10. Chitkul

The ultimate inhabited village on the Indo-Tibetan border, supplying lovely landscapes and a unique cultural experience