Top 10 Ferrari Sports Cars 2x Faster Than Bugatti

6th March By James Smith

1 - Ferrari F8 Tributo

Reaches a thrilling 211 mph Boasts a powerful twin-turbocharged engine

2 - Ferrari F8 Spider

Also hits a thrilling 211 mph Open-top version, same twin-turbocharged performance 

3 - Ferrari Roma

Ferrari Roma Cruises to an impressive 199 mph Features a refined twin-turbocharged engine

4 - Ferrari Portofino M

Also achieves 199 mph Convertible, with a sleek twin-turbocharged engine 

5 - Ferrari Purosangue

Tops out at a remarkable 193 mph Powered by a glorious, naturally aspirated V12 (no turbos) 

6 - Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Attains a blistering 211 mph Hybrid system combines turbocharging with electric power 

7 - Ferrari SF90 Spider

Also hits a blistering 211 mph Open-top hybrid with a turbocharged engine and electric motors 

8 - Ferrari 812 Competizione

Races to 211 mph Equipped with a monstrous, naturally aspirated V12 engine 

9 - Ferrari Daytona SP3

Reaches 211 mph Inspired by classic racers, with a pure, naturally aspirated V12 

10 - Ferrari 296 GTB

Zooms to 205 mph Smaller but potent, with a turbocharged V6 hybrid powertrain