Who is Jim Jordan, the Republican pick for US House Speaker?

By: Voy Trips


"Despite opposition from some GOP members, Jim Jordan continues to make progress towards the House speaker vote."


jIM jordan

"If Jim Jordan becomes the House speaker, antitrust bills targeting Google, Amazon, and Apple may face delays."

"The House is set to vote for a new speaker, and Jim Jordan is optimistic about securing Republican support for his victory."

Jim Jordan

"Jordan is gaining momentum, but five Republicans remain committed to voting against him."



"Key Moments as Jim Jordan Seeks Support Before House Speaker Vote"


"Republicans aim to elect Rep. Jim Jordan, a Trump ally, as House speaker, yet some GOP members still resist."

Jim jordan

"Jim Jordan's swift ascent, endorsed by Trump and the far-right, might lead to his becoming the speaker."

"Exclusive: GOP legislators report that Jordan has provided assurances regarding aid for Israel and Ukraine."