Cyrusher Launched World High-Speed Snowboard The Ripple

By - James Smith

 The Ripple is the world’s first electric snowboard .

It features a powerful 3000W motor, advanced V1 controller, expertly engineered suspension, and a customized professional snowboard design . 

 The height of the motor can be adjusted according to the weight of the rider and the thickness of the snow .

The Ripple is built from special materials that blend a strong wood centre with reinforced fibreglass and carbon edges .

The board is 156 cm in size, fitting perfectly into the Camber snowboard category 

The Ripple’s motor provides an exhilarating top speed of 50 km/h .

The electric powerhouse runs on a 12.6Ah battery, equipped with high-performance Molicel 21700 P42A 4200mAh 45A battery cells .

Riders can cover an impressive 15-20 kilometers on a single charge  

The Ripple boasts specially designed tires tailored explicitly for electric snowboards, ensuring maximum stability and control across various terrains  

The Ripple introduces a game-changing adjustable independent suspension system, revolutionising the riding experience