Best Places To Retire In The U.S (2024 updated)

By Voy Trips

1 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

why you should consider retiring in Lancaster. It's also close to major cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and more without all the hustle and stress.

2 - Pensacola, Florida

Don't miss out on Pensacola's sandy white beaches which you can enjoy year-round. You can track down affordable beachside housing

3 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

While this may not be the place for warm weather lovers, it has all the makings of a fabulous retirement town, thanks to its activities and affordability.

4 - Tampa, Florida

Tampa is another Florida recommendation worth putting at the top of your list. Besides its incredible beaches, there's plenty to do along with several highly rated hospitals you can rely on.

5 - Casper, Wyoming

If you're tired of the beach, you can switch things up by turning to the mountains of Wyoming. The state has a lenient tax structure and the most stunning landscapes around.

6 - Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington is known for being a luxurious place to retire, courtesy of its easy-going atmosphere and amenities like parks and historical sites.

7 - Naples, Florida

Do you love high-end stores, golf, and beaches? Look no further than Naples. The beach town has it all and the sunny weather proves it's the place to be.

8 - Raleigh, North Carolina

The laid-back state of North Carolina deserves a spot on this list, especially as Raleigh has an above-average air quality score

9- Augusta, Georgia

Do you prefer mild year-round temperatures? If so, Augusta was made for you.

10- Huntsville, Alabama

The Appalachian Mountains and plenty of state parks surround Huntsville, making it a healthy place to plant roots.