Meryl Streep Have A 15.6 Million Dollars Lavish Four Bedroom Pent House In New Your City .

By Voy Trips

Meryl Buyed the 3,944-square-foot abode, located in the River Lofts building in TriBeCa, for $10.13 million back in 2006.

In July 2020, Meryl notably buyed a new home in Pasadena, California, that's approx value is $4million Dollars.

Meryly Streep Total Net Worth According To Forbes Magazine Calculated 160 Million Dollars .

 Meryly Streep Earned 4 Million Dollar For Each Movies , she has been known to earn as much as $20 million for a film, or $10 million if the project includes backend profits.


You'll Be shocked after this statement - Meryly Charged 5,00,000 Dollars For A Single Scene In Big Tittle lies.

According to facts Meryly Charges 3 Million Dollars For Mamma Mia 2 Movies.

She Was One of the Highest Paid Actresses of 2023 according to Forbes and many more publication .