10 Disasters Destroy The Earth If Earth Rotation Stopped.

16th Janurary By James Smith

10. Time Changes: The concept of a day would change as the Earth would take a whole year to do what it pulls off in a day

9. The Great Continent Appears On Earth: The redistribution of the Earth's mass could lead to the formation of a single giant continent. 

8. The Sun Will Rise From the West and Set in the East: This would be a reversal of the current pattern. 

7. The Earth’s Shape Will Change: The Earth's shape would change due to the lack of centrifugal force. 

6. Drastic Change in Temperature: The loss of magnetic fields could make Earth’s temperature change drastically.

5. Loss of Earth's Magnetic Field: A stationary Earth would likely spell the end of its magnetic field, crucial for protecting us from cosmic rays and solar storms. 

4. End of Hurricanes: These massive storms rely on Coriolis forces generated by the planet's rotation. Halting the spin would eliminate the conditions necessary for hurricanes to form. 

3. Drastic Changes in Geography: A change in air currents could result in drastic changes in the geography of a region. 

2. Disruption of Biological Circadian Rhythms: These rhythms, which govern behaviour patterns, would be disrupted. 

1. Objects Flying Eastward: The planet's eastward rotation propels everything on its surface eastward at speeds of around 1,000 miles per hour at the equator.