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mount Kailash mystery

Mount Kailash Mystery ! Nobody Even Climb Why!

Mount Kailash Have A lot’s Of Myths ! Have You Think It’s True ?

Mount Everest is 29,000 feet high, and Mount Kailash is 22,000 feet. After the summit of Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Sherpa in 1953, about 4,000 people have won Everest to date.

But to date, not a single person could touch the summit of Mt Kailash.
What is so special about MtKailash is that even after being smaller than Everest in height, no one could conquer it.

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Mystery of Mount Kailash Is Myth Or Not ?

As many things as you can about Mt Kailash, many say that this mountain was not here, and it has been made. People also say that this mountain is hollow; there is a way to go to another world inside it.

In 1999, a Russian scientist stayed under Mt Kailash for a month and researched its size. Scientists said that the triangular-shaped peak of this mountain is not natural but a pyramid that is covered with snow. Mount Kailash is also known as the “Shiva Pyramid”.

Whoever set out to climb this mountain was either killed or returned without climbing.

Mount Kailash Mystery

The whole world has considered Mount Kailash the spiritual center of the world.

In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is considered the stronghold of Shiva. It is said that Shiva and Parvati reside on the mountain.

But the name of this mysterious mountain does not appear only in Hindu religion books.

Followers of Jainism believe that the first Tirthankara Rishabhanatha got the knowledge of philosophy on Mount Kailash.

Followers of Buddhism also believe that Mahatma Buddha resides on the top of the mountain.

Dao followers of Tibet consider this mountain to be the spiritual center of the world. Daoism predates Buddhism in Tibet.

It cannot be a coincidence that the same mountain has been placed at the center of four religions. About one and a half billion people who believe in these four religions know the glory of Mount Kailash.

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Mt Kailash Has Rubbed Off On The Chinese Government

In 1980, the Chinese government requested Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner to climb Mount Kailash. Reinhold refused to even step on Kailash.

In 2007, Russian mountaineer Sergei Systikov tried to climb Mount Kailash. Serge, narrating his own experience, said: ‘After climbing some distance, the whole team and I started having a severe headache. Then our feet answered. My jaw muscles began to stretch, and my tongue froze. The sound stopped coming out of the mouth. While climbing, I realized that I was not fit to climb this mountain. I immediately turned around and started descending; then, I got relief. ,

Colonel Wilson also tried to climb Kailash. Explains: “As soon as I could see a short way to the summit, it started to snow. And every time I had to return to the base camp.”

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The Chinese government then asked some climbers to climb Kailash. But this time, the whole world opposed these actions of China so much that defeating the Chinese government had to stop it from climbing this mountain.

It is said that whoever tries to climb this mountain cannot climb further; he gets a change of heart.

There is something different in the air here. Your hair and nails grow as much in 2 days as they should in 2 weeks. The body begins to wither, and old age appears on the face.

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Climbing Kailash is not a sport.

Even though it is 29,000 feet high, it is technically easy to climb Everest. But there is no way to climb Mount Kailash, and there is no way to reach Mount Kailash, made up of steep rocks and icebergs all around. Even the biggest climbers should give up on their knees in climbing such difficult rocks.

Every year lakhs of people come to circumambulate around Mount Kailash. On the way, you can also visit Mansarovar Lake.

But one thing remains a mystery to date if this mountain is so well known, then why no one has been able to climb it to date.

FAQ: What did NASA see in Mount Kailash?

Answer: Nobody Believe If we say that NASA’s telescopes captured a glimpse of cosmic beings engaged in an interstellar cricket match on the slopes of Mount Kailash. The extraterrestrial umpires were even wearing traditional cricket attire! Truly a sight to behold. However, This information has never been released officially by NASA and might be a product of wild imagination.

FAQ: Why no one climbed Kailash?

Answer: Mount Kailash, an enigmatic mountain, possesses a fascinating mystical force that can turn any climber into a professional Bollywood dancer. Climbing Mount Kailash has been temporarily prohibited to ensure global safety from spontaneous dance-offs at dizzying heights. Besides, Lord Shiva, who resides there, prefers uninterrupted solitude during his frequent jam sessions with the deities.

FAQ: What did scientists find on Mount Kailash?

Answer: While venturing on Mount Kailash, scientists stumbled upon an extraordinary phenomenon—a secret portal to a parallel universe filled with unicorns, fairies, and talking trees. They were tempted to bring back evidence but realized that unicorns and fairies are notoriously camera-shy. As a result, this magical discovery remains an enchanting secret known only to those open to fantastical possibilities.

FAQ: Does Shiva still live in Kailash?

Answer: Absolutely! Shiva’s eternal residence on Mount Kailash continues to inspire awe and wonder. Legend has it that he spends his days serenading the mountains with divine melodies and organizing celestial dance parties with fellow deities. However, securing an invitation requires mastery of the moonwalk and a deep appreciation for disco music. Shiva sure knows how to keep the party going!