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Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek 2023 ! A Best Himalayan Crossover Guide

Rupin Pass Trek 2023 ! Best Planning To Make A Plan With Voy Trips

Rupin Pass Trek

Located at an altitude of 4,800m, the Rupin Pass trek in the Himalayas is one of the most popular trekking options. The trek offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges, wooden bridges, and trails dug out of rock faces.

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Is Rupin Pass Trek For Beginners?

Amongst the best treks in the Himalayas, the Rupin Pass is a unique adventure that offers a variety of terrains. It is an ideal trek for the adventure-seeking soul. This trek is suitable for people with reasonable fitness levels and experience in trekking. It is also one of the best summer treks in the Himalayas.

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The trek begins in Bawta, Himachal Pradesh. The trek is 52 km long. Upon completion of the trek, the trekkers reach Sewa. The trek takes seven days to complete. It is not the most leisurely trek. That rupin pass trek have several rocky trails and steep climbs although you have to know essential region and the routes. With Know How difficult is Rupin Pass Trek ! so you have to become fit to cover this summit . It is also essential to have first aid skills.

How long is Rupin Pass Trek?

Rupin Pass is an ideal trek for adventure seekers and nature lovers among India’s most famous cross-over treks. This trek is situated at an altitude of 15,250 ft. It is a moderate trek. During the trek, one can witness a variety of landscapes and views. Moreover, the trek offers an insight into the Kinnauri and Kinner-Kailash range.

The altitude of the Rupin Pass trek varies depending on the weather and climate of the region. It is advisable to trek during the post-monsoon season in September or October. However, you can trek on summer season. During the trek, one can encounter several waterfalls.

Moreover, the trek passes through alpine wildflowers and meadows. In addition, it passes through the thick forests of Oak and Fir. At higher altitudes, fresh snowfall may also occur.

Trails dug out of rock faces.

During the Rupin Pass trek, you’ll trek through several hanging villages, pass through dense pine and rhododendron forests, and cross giant glacial valleys. You’ll also see hundreds of waterfalls. You’ll also see a series of snow bridges and enjoy snow play. The Rupin Pass trek is a challenging and taxing six-day trek.

You’ll travel through uninhabited areas of the Himalayan range, crossing giant glacial valleys and hanging villages. It’s a challenging trek but rewarding. If you’re a mountain lover, it’s a trek you won’t want to miss. The Rupin Pass trek is classified as a moderate to difficult trek. It is an adventure of a lifetime and should only be undertaken by people who have the endurance and are prepared to face the challenges.

Wooden bridges

During your Rupin Trek, you will come across several wooden bridges. These bridges are built of logs and stones and symbolise the border between Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The first of these wooden bridges is set over the side tributary of the Rupin River. This is an excellent place to refill your water supply.

You can also find tea shops for additional water. The next wooden bridge is a great way to cross the Rupin River. You can see the river flowing through a gorge below. It can also be seen burbling around boulders. The river stays with you up to the Pass. The third day of your trek begins from the base village of Sewa. The trail is 7 km long and is quite challenging. You will come across several beautiful mountain roads, thick forests, and deep valleys. You can also see Jakha village, a quaint hamlet. It is located near Rupin Gad. You can also find the ancient Lord Shiva temple.

Spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges

Spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges on Rupin Trek are breathtaking. This route will allow you to see the picturesque Kinnauri culture. The trek will also allow you to see different types of flora and fauna. The flora will include Rhododendrons, which bloom in a variety of colours.

The scenery will also include houses that are common in Kinnaur. You can trek on the Rupin Pass during the post-monsoon season. This is when the landscape becomes more colourful, and the weather is more precise. The route also passes through several villages and waterfalls. The Rupin Pass Trek is considered one of the most adventurous trails. The trek is not for beginners. It would help if you were fit and well-prepared. There are also a few unpredictable factors that can affect your trek. You will also need to carry enough water.

Short Itenarary Of Rupin Pass Trek !

Day 1 – Rohru to Jiskun (7,630 ft) | Day 2 – Trek from Jiskun to Jhaka | Day 3 – Trek from Jhaka to Saruwas Thatch | Day 4 – Trek from Saruwas Thatch to Dhanderas Thatch | Day 5 – Trek from Dhanderas Thatch to Upper Waterfall | Day 6 – Pass-crossing day: Upper Waterfall camp to Rupin Pass, further on to Ronti Gad | Day 7 – Trek from Ronti Gad to Sangla. Drive to Shimla