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What Is A Retrograde In Astrology Surges ?

What Is A Retrograde In Astrology Surges ?

If there’s one astrological topic that captivates the internet, it’s retrogrades. These periods trigger discussions, memes, and sometimes, confusion. In a world driven by sensationalism,  sparking unnecessary panic. At Voy Trips, however, we prefer a more balanced viewpoint. despite their challenges, bring unique opportunities for refinement, revision, and introspection.


Debunking the Visual Illusion

it seems to move backward in our sky, creating a visual illusion. This illusion mirrors the reflective and introspective experiences we often undergo during retrograde periods. While symbolically significant, retrogrades aren’t necessarily doom and gloom; they can be times of valuable review and change of perspectives.

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Planetary Differences .

The impact of retrogrades varies depending on the planet involved. The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) spend about half the year retrograde, influencing collective themes. In contrast, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, being closer to Earth, have more personal effects, causing disruptions in communication, relationships, and energy.


Breaking Down Different Planetary Retrograde.

Mercury : Known for communication chaos, Mercury  offer opportunities for productive revision, editing, and planning. Occurring three to four times a year, they can be times of creative reassessment.

Venus : Happening every 18 months, Venus  prompt introspection into our relationships, beauty, and pleasure, fostering self-discovery and reaffirmation of essential needs.

Mars : Occurring every two years, Mars challenge our will and desires, providing a chance for constructive exploration of anger, passion, and motivation.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto : These outer planets influence broader themes on a collective level, prompting recalibration of dreams, growth, wisdom pursuits, authority, discipline, rebellious urges, and spiritual questions.


Tips for Navigating

  1. Turn Inward: Embrace introspection, as external distractions intensify. Your inner wisdom becomes more accessible during these periods.
  2. Embrace Uncertainty: Let go of rigid timelines; answers will surface when needed, often resolving unforeseen questions.
  3. Love the Process: Focus on the journey rather than fixating on outcomes. Retrogrades reveal areas needing reinforcement, offering valuable lessons.
  4. Tech Vigilance: Back up devices and proofread messages; glitches tend to escalate during retrogrades.
  5. Reflect and Laugh: Use introspection for course corrections and find humor in the inevitable snafus. Laughter can be a powerful remedy.

In a society fixated on productivity, retrogrades remind us that introspection and rest are essential for growth. Despite the confusion and delays, these periods provide valuable time for integration, reflection, and the discovery of inner wisdom. It’s a journey of collaging and remixing inspired by the pieces of what has come undone. Happy astrological reflections!