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Mclaren 720S SUV

Unveiling the Mclaren 720S SUV: The Ultimate Blend of Power and Luxury

The fictional Mclaren 720s SUV draws design inspiration from McLaren’s supercars, especially the 750S, to create a Ferrari Purosangue rival.

For many years, Mclaren 720S SUV has staunchly opposed introducing an Mclaren 720s SUV or crossover. However, over the past 18 months, and with industry veteran Michael Leiters now leading the company, McLaren’s resistance to SUVs has started to wane.

Leiters has expressed openness to the idea of a Mclaren 720S SUV, although he has clarified that such a vehicle will not hit the market before 2028.

If the British marque eventually chooses to emulate the paths of Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini, what might its SUV resemble? Well, designer Sergiy Dvornytskyy has envisioned such a vehicle, and it looks so realistic that you could be fooled into thinking this is something straight out of McLaren’s design department.

McLaren 720s Automotive Ultimate Fusion of Luxury and Performance

This isn’t the first time we’ve crossed paths with Dvornytskyy, nor is it his first endeavor in crafting a beautiful Mclaren 720S SUV, as he did the same late last year with a quad-turbo W12 SUV for Bugatti. He refers to his latest project as the Activa, and it takes obvious design inspiration from existing McLaren models, most notably the 750S.

The front of the Mclaren 720S SUV might be fine defined as easy and elegant. It has a couple of easy LED headlights with an acquainted McLaren shape, a perfectly sized grille, and a black splitter. The Activa has additionally been imagined in a shade of orange and sports a gloss black roof and pillar, including its sporty attraction and smooth shape.

Dvornystkyy says he envisions the Activa being propelled via the equal 4. Zero-liter twin-turbo V8 engine as the 750S, albeit situated on the front, consequently the elongated hood. Similarly flowing strains to the 750S are also visible alongside the sides of the SUV, as are door handles that sit flush with the bodywork, black arches, and huge wheels with black and silver spokes. At the rear, a swish LED strip serves as the taillights and a light bar, adding to its current aesthetic.

What are your thoughts on Dvornystkyy’s McLaren Activa design study? Do you believe it stays true to McLaren’s design ethos, or does it diverge too far from the brand’s identity?