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Europe Trip Diary With Voy Trips

Europe Trip Diary With Voy Trips ! Stay Curious & Explore More

Europe Trip Diary With Voy Trips ! Stay Curious & Explore More

I Am an Indian Guy Who is just exploring Switzerland In Europe Trip, one country at a time. This blog offers lots of tips and inspiration for Europe and Switzerland.
Hey there! Hello, my name’s Netanya Dabas. If you love exploring new places, discovering other cultures and myths, and learning more about them, you’re at the right place.

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What Is  switzerland & Why Zurich switzerland Is Famous For ?

Here I’m listing 5 Things About Switzerland Why It’s Famous For !


Everybody who visits Switzerland wants to snap a picture of these sweet Swiss cows that eat grass in unusual places. There’s no stopping them. Seeing a cow in the mountains pass at 2,400 meters elevation is not surprising. They are everywhere. Swiss people are very fond of their cows.

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Swiss Cow

They can produce the most OK swiss dairy, swiss cheese, and swiss chocolate. For that, you should thank the Swiss cows.
The Swiss milk is perhaps the most prized in the world. It is produced by cows who spend many days in the mountains eating the grass growing there. Swiss cows do not eat corn or go to small pastures. They eat only the most delicate grasses in the world.

2 – Zermatt And Matterhorn: THE TOBLERONE MOUNTAIN

In This Europe Trip Dairy Zermatt is worth a mention. It is the most well-known Swiss village and has the best ski resort. It is also home to the highest mountain in the world, Zermatt. It’s called Matterhorn. Have you ever heard of it before? The Toblerone package is a great option.

zermatt matterhorn

It is. Zermatt is a top-rated tourist attraction. Tourist loved this place , but it is well worth the effort. You would love to drive there in your car. Impossible. You can drive here by onlywith electric car . Petrol Or Diesel car is prohibited here . However, it is not Tesla or anything. There are a few small electric delivery/service vehicles. They take extraordinary care of the small village and its beautiful nature.

3 – Swiss Train Is Famous For – UNESCO HERITAGE

Everybody knows the expression, “Works like Swiss clock,” and what does it mean? Swiss trains. Swiss trains have the best-developed railway network in the world. Europe Trip You Can Continue With Trains can travel almost anywhere. There are someplace where these trains cannot reach. You can reach small villages, the Swiss Alps, and many other locations. You can explore Europe Trip beauty easily with these trains network, For Instance Pilatus : Cogwheel train there has to conquer even 48 percent gradient.

Bernina and Albula

The Bernina and Albula are two of Switzerland’s most famous train lines. They are part of the Rhaetian Bahn. The Bernina Express The Alps’ highest train, apparently the steepest in the world, runs from Chur in Graubunden through St.Moritz, Davos, and St.Moritz, before crossing into Italy. It is a beautiful experience to travel by train from Tirano to Thusis. The Bernina Express is one of the most sought-after Swiss tourist experiences.