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Dzongri Trek

Dzongri Trek – A 2023 Next Level Guide For Awesome Adventure

Dzongri Trek In Sikkim – A 2023 Glimpse Into The Heaven

 Dzongri Trek

Whether new to trekking or looking to improve your skills, the Dzongri Trek is a tremendous high-altitude route in Sikkim. Located on the edge of the Khangchendzonga National Park, the trek starts in Yuksom, a historic town in Sikkim. This region has many great trekking trails, and many start in Yuksom.

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Required Food on the Dzongri Trek

Food on the Dzongri Trek

Whether planning a day hike or a week-long trekking trip, it is essential to know about the food on the Dzongri Trek. Usually, there will be three meals a day. You can expect simple local vegetarian food, but it will vary daily. You may also find some supplements like peanut candy and dry fruits. The Dzongri Trek takes you through a scenic valley with various wild plants.

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Rhododendron forests surround the trail. There are hundreds of species of wild plants in the forest. The Dzongri National Park is home to several animals. The Himalayan black bear, red panda, Tibetan horned owl, snow leopard and Tragopan pheasants are among the species you will see. During the trek, you will be supported by pack animals.

A local Tour Guide will also guide you. This person will be a college graduate who knows the culture and language of the region. This person will assist you in the trek and will also help you interact with local people.

Animals you’ll see In Dzongri Trek

During your trek to Dzongri, you will see various animals. The trek will take you through dense forests of rhododendrons and alpine berries. You will also be able to see exotic orchids. During your trek, you will also see the Kanchendzonga, the highest mountain in Sikkim. The first day of your trek will take you to Yuksom, the base camp for your trek.

You can see the Rathong River and the Paha Khola Bridge. This is an easy day. You will then continue your trek towards Tsokha, a refugee village. You will then climb through dense forests and gain altitude.

This is a good day for acclimatization. You will also see the Kanchendzonga, a mountain with 16 peaks. Day three starts with a climb through the forest and oak forest. You will be able to see some colourful flowers as well as monkeys.

Equpiments you’ll need To Carry During Dzongri Trek

Equpiments you'll need To Carry During Dzongri Trek

Besides your trekking shoes, you’ll need a few other supplements for Dzongri Trek. It’s a good idea to pack a breathable, water-proof shell garment as well as a pair of breathable gloves. These are a necessity for treks in the Himalayas. Good trekking shoes will keep your feet comfortable and provide a good grip.

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A breathable shell garment will keep you warm and dry and prevent blisters. A day pack is also a necessity. This small sack contains a camera, water bottle, and other personal items. It’s also a good idea to pack a headlamp for your safety. A sleeping bag is also essential. A sleeping bag liner will keep your bag clean and keep you warm.

A good sleeping bag will be comfortable, and it’s also a good idea to bring a comfortable trek pillow. A wind-cheater will also be a welcome addition to your luggage. This little device will help you stay cool on hot days.

Best time to visit Dzongri Trek

Treks In India

During winter, Dzongri Trek is not suitable for trekking. The snow makes the trails treacherous. Newbie trekkers can expect to get caught in storms at higher altitudes. Acute mountain sickness is another concern. Make sure to carry adequate medicines, heavy woollen clothing, and adequate boots. If you feel uncomfortable, you can acclimatize at a lower altitude. The best time to visit Dzongri is during the summer. The trek takes about seven hours to return. The trek is best done on a twin-sharing basis.

The tourism department operates two small lodges. You can rent a hut for your stay. You can also hire a cab to take you to the base camp. The trekker’s hut provides three meals daily and evening tea with snacks. The trek starts with an uphill trail. It passes through hanging bridges and dense tropical forests. You can find hundreds of species of wild plants in the area.

Short Itenarary Of Dzongri Trek