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Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Top Attractions And Things To Enjoy Voy Trips

Famous Baga Beach Goa – A Paradise on Earth

Baga Creek

Baga Creek is a small creek that empties into the Arabian Sea in the northern part of Baga Beach. The Baga Retreat House is located across the creek and overlooks the sea. It was built in memory of St. Francis Xavier and has been a popular retreat for travelers to Goa. Baga Beach is often compared to Calangute Beach, but is far more tranquil. There are plenty of activities to enjoy along Baga Beach, including fishing, windsurfing, and sun bathing.

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Baga Beach Creek

Nimbus Baga Goa Beach Resort

Nimbus Baga Resort

The Nimbus Baga Goa Beach Resort in Goa is a luxury resort located in a stunning location on Baga Goa Beach. The beachfront property is within walking distance from the centre of Baga, and you can reach Anjuna Beach within 2.9 km. The resort offers a private beach, dining area, and balconies. The property is just 10 minutes’ walk from Baga bus station.

Baga Beach Retreat House

Palolem Goa Beach

The Baga Beaches Goa Retreat House is an excellent choice for a getaway in Goa. Situated in the city center, this resort is only a short walk from the beach. Its amenities include free Wi-Fi, airport transfer, and parking. This retreat house is a Catholic institute that offers self-help sessions and retreats. Its rooms are spacious and the staff is always on hand to help you. At this retreat house, you can refresh your spirit and heal your body and soul.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

The Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa is a wonderful location to experience the rich bird life of the Mandovi River estuarine mangrove habitat. It is named after eminent Indian ornithologist Salim Ali.

Chor Biam

In the northern part of Goa, the Calangute area is home to rows of shacks, fishing boats, and many water sports. The nearby Chor Biam is a huge black rock with an intriguing history. According to legend, the rock contains treasures from shipwrecks.

Boat rides

Boats Rides Goa

For those of you who want to experience the best of Goa by sea, there are boat rides available in Goa Beach. While on land, you can enjoy jet skiing or parasailing, while on water, you can go for a thrilling boat ride. For an affordable way to see the beach and sea, boat rides in Baga are a great option.

Jet Ski Rides In Baga Goa Beach

Jet Ski Rides Goa

If you want to enjoy jet skiing on Goa’s beaches, you should head to Goa Beach. You can easily reach the beach from the main areas of South and North Goa by taking public or private transport. You can also rent a two-wheeler and drive to the beach. There are many water sports that you can enjoy at the beach, such as parasailing and jet skiing.

Candlelight dinners

Candle light Dinner Goa

If you are looking for a romantic evening, then candlelight dinners are the perfect option. In Goa, candlelight dinners are a great option for an intimate date. The cuisine is delicious and the ambiance is perfect. You can choose from a fixed menu or a la carte menu, with a romantic ambiance and a beautiful view of the sea.